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Here's What's Happening

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The North Star Story Summit wrapped up in October, bringing hundreds of creators together in Duluth to share their work and support one another. So many wonderful projects, but here are some highlights from my time at the Summit:

 Seeing the pilot "Hot Angry Mom" and being able to connect                                                                  with actress and producer Mel House was absolutely                                                                                wonderful. She's a great lady and I know you'll be hearing                                                                      a lot about her in the future. You can see more here:  Inside scoop: She's considering 

shooting an episode of her series in Duluth, which would be 


I was able to participate in three amazing live table reads of new scripts:

The Hitch List, a comedy written by Kyle Thornton (Minnesota). You can check out all the things Kyle is up to here:  The Book Queen, a new-world fantasy by Marion Gustafson (Duluth!), and For His Thoughts on Death and Harmony, a new drama by Josh Rees Hopkins (Minnesota).  It was really fun to be a part of reading these scripts out loud for the very first time!

And, like past years, there were tremendous screenings, panels and discussions. I learned a ton and met some really fantastic people. 

I'll have more updates soon, and hopefully good news on the SAG-AFTRA strike, which continues (for all the right reasons) as of this writing. 


Victoria Main

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